I’m back!

Hey everyone, so I just wanted to make a quick post saying that I know it has been a very long time, almost 4 years! God a lot has happeneed since then but I know I can’t possibly post all of it here, so I’ll simply update you on what is coming up for me in the near future.
So on April 2nd, I will be undergoing Gastric Bypass surgery in order to combat a very long struggle with my weight problems. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the surgery, I urge you to look it up and educate yourself.
Anyways, I’m off to bed for now~


Friday, September 19th – Sick, again.

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I last wrote, I know, gomen ne~! But you’ll all soon learn a basic principle of my life story. It is… *drum roll*

I am sick at least 65% of the time. I have the worst immune system of all time, and I hate it. This means that due to all my time off school I have to work twice as hard as everyone else due to having to catch up on EVERYTHING. But, I manage, and I pull off good grades to boot, so my parents don’t complain and neither do my teachers, which is a blessing. Having them bitch at me is NOT what I need when I’m sick. I’m such a baby when I’m sick lol. I complain a lot, it’s one of my worst habits, and bless my parents they never complain about my complaining. They accept it, and it makes it that much easier to deal with.

SO, now that you all know I’m always sick, guess what?

I’m sick for the second time in the span of two weeks. I was sick with a REALLY bad flu thing last week, where I couldn’t be vertical without throwing up for like… 4 days. I had these horrible pains in my upper abdomen that felt like someone was stabbing me over and over, and the muscles there were ROCK hard. So the only thing that would stop the pains was to eat something, and after I ate something, I threw up, and then the pains came back. It was an ENDLESS circle of suckiness lol. I also had a fever of 103.7 and on top of that I had a HUGE assignment due on the monday coming up, so I had to try and think through the haze of a fever. It sucked ASS.

And now, half a week later, I am sick with a bad cold, granted, NOTHING like the previous illness lol. Thank god. My immune system can only handle so much. So I feel like I swallowed a handful of razor blades, and have another fever, and my nose is plugged yet runny at the same time, and my ears HURT! Like… BLEH.

So yes, I’m sick… alot.

BUT, I really hope I’m better by tomorrow, because I’m going to see WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!! Again! Oh my god, I am SO freaking excited, it’s like the best show ever. Okay well maybe not ever, but it’s incredible and I love it, and I’m going with a bunch of friends, so it’s going to be SO much fun.

I’ll let you all know how it goes, cross your fingers for me! ❤

The COLOR Project

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote. That’s partly due to my being busy with the start of school and what not and me being social, deciding to go out with my friends instead of stay in, which is quite new for me. SO, on that note, I’m here today to talk to you guys about my favourite Hello! Project dubbing group; The COLOR Project!


Shiroka [Silver] – Leader

Midori [Green] – Sub-leader

Aoi [Light Blue] – Member

Momo [Pink] – Member

Kin [Bronze] – Member


Osaka koi no Uta (Gen 1) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=aWsJ1rsgdSI]

Shiawase desu ka? (Gen 1) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=lljOW_fjln4]

Egao Yes Nude (Gen 1) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=XU3sjxIuHPQ]

Do It! Now (Gen 1) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=3c9bgj1HMp0]

Special Generation (Gen 1, 3) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=J3OjOW_hpHc]

Morning Coffee (Gen 1, 3) – Shiroka absent [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=J0amLPvG48Y]

Other Releases

Nikutai wa Shoujiki na EROS (Shiroka/Midori) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=tIJ1P32lgws]

Some Boys! Touch (Shiroka) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=XhE4vDWyWwY]

Daite yo! Please Hold On (Shiroka) [http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy38P8RzO4A]

Planned Future Releases

Summer Night Town (Gen 1,3)

Furusato (Midori)

Futari wa NS (Momo/Aoi)

Uwaki na Honey Pie (Kin/Midori/Aoi)

Hair cut~!

Okay so I’ve been DYING to get my hair fixed. I let my layers grow out, and because it’s in the nasty middle stage between short and long, it looked HORRIBLE. So, I got it trimmed and redone today, and I am SO happy. Unlike most girls these days who like to straighten their hair until it’s paper thin, I prefer to have bounce and volume! I took and uploaded pictures for you guys!

Hair! Aaaand a dumb smile lol

Hair! Aaaand a dumb smile lol

The Candy Man

I just wanted to share this with all of you because lately I’ve been listening to it over and over again.

In my opinion, the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was

TEN times better than the new version.

I love Johnny Depp, don’t get me wrong… BUT I love Gene Wilder more ❤


My very first blog entry!


Hey everybody! Hitomi here, updating you on the boring aspects of my boring teenage life. What fun, hmm? Part of me wonders why you’d read this, but I suppose that’s your decision, not mine. So this is my very first blog, as you read in the title, and I’d appreciate whatever tips and help I can get. WordPress is new to me, and so I am just starting to figure things out. I will stick with it though, so wish me luck!


So I visited family this past weekend in Windsor, Ontario. Also known as, farmland as far as the eye can see. It’s very different from what I am used to, what with my living in Toronto. But I was glad to get away from the house and just unwind and relax in the country side. We stayed with my Aunt Mary-Lou for 3 days and 2 nights, from Friday to Sunday, in her little house in Tecumseh. It was a long drive there (about 4 hours) so we stopped off at McDonalds first to grab some lunch. I had my usual Big Mac combo (yes, I’m a fatty, and I LIKE IT).



So my sister fell asleep during the ENTIRE ride there. Lucky her. No matter how hard I may try, I can never get to sleep in a car. Impossible. So I pulled out my copy of New Moon (second installment in the Twilight series. If you haven’t read it, get your ass to a book store and BUY IT!). My mum asked me to read to her, so I read from the book for a good two hours before my voice could take no more. So I gave up and decided since we were out of range for our favourite radio station and only getting static, I slipped in S.H.E Forever CD2. S.H.E is a Taiwanese pop group I was introduced to in China. So the ride there was pretty much uneventful.

Once we got there, we sat around on the back porch in the sun, talking about everything and anything, just sort of catching up. I spent most of the afternoon entertaining a little girl staying with my Aunt, Jayden, a rambunctious 3 year old with an attitude. But I was pleasantly surprised when my second cousin Richard and his wife Miranda brought their newborn little girl, Alice, to visit. She was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen. All pink and what not. I could feel my womanly instincts kick in and my mind danced around the thought of what kind of mother I’d be when I grow up. I couldn’t stop Alice from crying, and it bothered me that I could pacify her. Robbie-Lynn’s boyfriend, Josh, came over and he, Robbie-Lynn, my sister and I played Pictionary for the remained of the evening. Bedtime came a lot faster than I would have thought, but I was fine with that. I was exhausted. But I wasn’t too keen on sleeping on the couch. With my back condition (see entry titled ‘Accident’) I need to sleep on a super firm mattress all by myself, or I will NOT sleep. Which I didn’t. The clock tolled 3 am by the time I fell asleep, and I woke promptly at 8 am.

This was bound to be a long day. I had a rather unhealthy but satisfying breakfast of bacon-tomato-mayo on toast. I was in no hurry to wake up and really start my day, but eventually I figured everyone was waiting around for me, so I grudgingly got dressed. The beach was on the agenda today, so I was looking forward to that. But it was much too early to go to the beach, even though the sun was already sweltering in the sky. So my second cousin Robbie-Lynn (most awesome-est person ever)



dragged us along to watch her boyfriends (now ex-boyfriend) baseball tournament. I was a little hesitant to go. I’m a social retard, where as Robbie-Lynn is a social butterfly. Besides… the majority of people there were guys, and I was SO not looking forward to making a fool of myself with my clumsiness in front of hot college baseball players. I am glad I went though. We had a blast, and there was some eye-candy there, just for me. I have a thing about Asian guys, as you’ll soon know, if you befriend me. His name was Adrian… and he was hot. Showing off, of course, without a top on, showing off his muscles and what not, wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat. He was hilarious, very humourous, and it made me enjoy the morning even more. It was unfortunate though… he was 25. Oh well.

So we headed to pick up little Jayden and then drove to the beach (on the Detroit river). We moved about the crowded beach to find a spot, and when we did, something really irritating happened. There were these girls, you see. And they happened to be some of the skinniest and prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. All diva and what not. They started laughing at me, especially when I took my clothes off to show my bathing suit underneath. And then they said something about not knowing whales beached themselves on the banks of the Detroit river. It bugged me, but I just ignored them. I’m used to comments like that by now, so I just went on with my day. Jayden was adorable, playing in the sand. All in all, we had a really amazing time at the beach.

(left) Chelsea, my sister and Myself (right)

(left) Chelsea, my sister and Myself (right)

I was feeling a little tired from all the sun and water play, but it didn’t help that I only had five hours of sleep in my system. I knew the day was far from over so I persevered. We stopped for ice cream on the way back from the beach. I was in the ice cream store when I saw a car back up into another car in the parking lot. It wasn’t much, but it seemed to be the most action people from a small town like Tecumseh get, because everyone freaked out. I tried not to smirk. After ice cream, we headed home, and I was very grateful. Maybe I would get the chance to lay down for a while before the party. But as we drove up to the house, we saw that the party was already in full swing. I groaned inwardly, but smiled to all the familiar and some unfamiliar faces as they greeted us. I noted that I must look like crap with my wet hair and what not. So I headed inside to change into warm, dry clothes and comb out my hair. Even after all the activities of that day, I found that all the party food didn’t beckon me the way it usually would. I just wasn’t it the mood. I had a small spoonful of taco salad, simply because my Aunt’s feelings would have been hurt if I didn’t eat anything, and it seemed most appealing next to the egg salad and other foods I didn’t care for. I tried to be social with the get together, talking to people and joining in conversations, but it seemed the adults didn’t really listen to me, so eventually I gave up and just listened.

Then Robbie-Lynn came to my rescue. She asked me if I wanted to come and babysit baby Alice with her, and I jumped at the opportunity to get away from the party. I agreed and we drove a good half hour out to Richard and Miranda’s beautiful house on the countryside. The night was a blur. Robbie-Lynn fed the baby and then put her to bed shortly after we arrived. We watched television, chatting lightly, snacking on chips and salsa as the night wore on. I spent most of the time playing with their huge dogs.

Cassie and Molly <3

Cassie and Molly ❤

Cassie (a Golden Retriever) and Molly (a German Shepard-Collie) were so friendly, I couldn’t help letting my animal-lover come out. It was 1am by the time we got out of there, and when we got home, it was just my mum and my Aunt sitting out on the deck, just chatting and drinking. We sat with them for a while, chatting aimlessly about our long days and what not. At around 3 am we all decided it was time to turn in for the night, and I found that I was not looking forward to sleeping on the couch again. I could feel my back groaning and aching in protest as well. We Robbie-Lynn and I entered the living room, we found Jayden and my sister asleep on the air mattress on the floor, with Shadow, the shitzu who lives next door. They looked adorable together, so I took a picture!

Chelsea, Jayden, and Shadow

Chelsea, Jayden, and Shadow

I had another rotten night of sleep. We all settled down by 3:30 am, but I heard the clock toll 6 am before I actually fell asleep. I was woken up at 9 am by someone entering the front door, which confused me quite a bit. Shouldn’t the front door be locked? It had been Jayden’s dad, and it turns out we’d forgotten to lock the door last night. Oops. We spent the rest of that morning preparing to leave, repacking our stuff. We eventually sighed and had to say our goodbye’s until next summer.

The drive home was uneventful, except for Wendy’s (which if I had to choose, would be my favourite fast-food chain). I was so happy when we got home, because I was exhausted. I ran upstairs and just collapsed on my bed and slept.

That’s it for now, that summer up my entire weekend. Nothing to report about today, I’m sick with the stomach flu, so I’ve just been laying around. I also recently dubbed a new song, so I’ll insert it. Have a listen and let me know what you all think! Mostly boring, hmm? See you guys later~!